About Us

Cambridge Shipping Containers are a family based company based in Kent. We have over 23 years of experience in the container and shipping industry. We can cover your shipping container requirements which includes hire, buying or selling. 

We cover road haulage, whether it be moving an existing container, having a container delivered or loading units to a new location. 

With our strong connections in the industry we can offer our customers very competitive quotes, especially if they are looking to have a container shipped abroad. This gives us plenty of containers for sale, including flat rack that can be used to convert into a business space for rent. 

Over the years we have seen there is a growing market for shipping container conversions of all types. Here at Cambridge Shipping Containers we can offer you a very high specification conversion at a competitive price. 

Whether you are planning to have a container converted into a site office, school classroom or another project you are looking to create, with using Cambridge Shipping Containers we can achieve this for you. 

Containers have become an affordable and economical solution to many businesses needs across the Country, they can be a solution to onsite secure storage, additional office space or extra cold room storage needs. 

We offer our customers a high standard customer service from start to finish. The team at Cambridge Shipping Containers are here to assist with queries you may have. 

Every container that Cambridge Shipping Containers provides for customers will be quality checked within our nationwide depots before they are despatched to our customers. All have waterproof structures. We have a Team that can repair containers should you require this. 

All our containers are delivered on Hiab Lorries, this means they are fitted with on-board cranes that can move the shipping containers and position them where customers require them to be sited. 

We offer on-site surveys for customers should they be unsure whether a container can be sited at the desired location. This service is charged. However, it helps customers in the long term - ensuring no financial loss to them with unnecessary transport. We need to advise our customers of this as the Lorries carrying containers need sufficient room to manoeuvre. 

Shipping Containers can be sited on many surfaces, however, the surface they are situated on will need to be level, otherwise the container doors will not open and close with ease. We at Cambridge Shipping Containers can offer railway sleepers at a cost which ensure a nice sturdy level base. 

We also offer our customers the options of either having the original shipping container doors which are quite heavy or we can also make up a lighter weight door which is a lot easier for some of our customers to operate. Just ask our friendly team when enquiring.