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20 ft High Cube Shipping Containers

Buy Shipping Containers

20 ft High Cube Shipping Containers

20 ft High Cube Shipping Containers are 300 mm for higher than the standard 20 ft Shipping Containers. All the other dimensions are exactly the same.
You can also buy 20 ft HC Containers from us, including flat rack containers. 

Hire Containers from us

We offer a wide range of containers to hire. You can hire 10ft , 20 ft , 20ft HC , 30ft, 40ft or 40ft HC depending on your needs. We offer flexible short term or long term agreement so that you can use the containers as long as you need it. We know that time and value are great importance to our customers, that's why we are focused on providing great competitive prices, excellent customer satisfaction and use a fast delivery service to anywhere in the UK. 

Used Containers

We also offer used Shipping containers, Used containers are less expensive then New ones and are made water and wind proof. 





 Container Length Width  Height
20 ft High Cube Shipping Container 20ft 8ft 9 ft 6 in